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Psychotherapy with the Experts

This video portrays what it FEELS like to attend one of my workshops, an experiential training that emphasizes interaction and engagement, was well as direct application to one’s work and life. This particular program, offered in Istanbul, Turkey, was based on my book of the same title, “What You Don’t Know About Leadership but Probably Should: Applications to Daily Life.” The participants worked in a variety of settings including technology, corporations, health, mental health, education, and community service.

In this video Jeffrey is interviewed by several editors at Oxford University Press about his life experiences and how they led him to pursue a path as a psychotherapist and social justice advocate. He also discusses some of his seminal ideas that are featured in the latest edition of his bestselling book, On Being a Therapist, that has influenced generations of therapists (and their clients) for the past 30 years.


Visual summary of a workshop in Turkey on “Relationships in Therapy and the Therapist’s Life.” Much of the day was spent processing the content in small groups and applying principles to helping and healing, as well as to interactions in daily life. Given all the distractions, multi-tasking, and intrusions from mobile devices, it has never been more important to enhance the quality of relational connections, whether with clients, colleagues, family, or friends.

Jeffrey talks about his journey reconciling apparent differences between various theoretical orientations to counseling and psychotherapy and distilling them into an integrative model that engages clients and combines certain core ingredients. This is excepted from a video series from a number of years ago on "Psychotherapy with the Experts".

In this brief talk, Jeffrey explains how storytelling is so influential in our lives and often leads to change even more powerful than any other helping modality.